How to recover banned account on lichess

In this thread (which was closed by an admin) i said that @MCH4JCH3 cheated:

I have now had some comunication with him. We also played three unrated blitz games. After the third he left: 'I've got to go'.

I now do not know for sure if he cheated or not. Pro: he just played one 0 0 0 game and he says that he did not cheat, the 0 0 0 game is not a game with complex moves (his opp just dropped piece after piece). Contra: His answers to my Questions (see below) were quite unsharp, His rating is very low.

Im posting parts of our chat here as a decision help for admins who must decide on their own if they untag him or not.

Tell me about this game:
(see #10)
Why did you play so good here?

Because sometimes I can play really good chess match. I must focus much on a game (so I must have much time to focus) And then I did it.

What was your idea when you played 8.dxc5 and 9.cxd5? (I expected: 'Isolate his Queen pawn')
Why didnt you play 18.Qxd8? (I expected 'Wanted to threaten mate on h7')
What was your idea when you played 19.Nd4? (i expected: 'Grab Bishoppair or move Knight to f5 later')

1 My idea a was to minimize number of pawns in the game because I think that less number of pawns is better to play.
2. Because queen is the strongest chess figure and I thought that it could be necessary to strike more figures
3. To prepare better And easier position for checkmate.

I didnt read that topic.
I think the move times tells it all besides the other parts, that he cheated for sure.
Every other games he played the move times are so different, here not.
Every move took exactly 10-15 seconds, while he got it from his source, what to move.

Can't believe these cheaters who still have the audacity to make a public post and claim to be "innocent".
I guess lying is just normal for those kinds of people.

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