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  3. How to find model games to study

It's a pretty simple question seemingly but I haven't been able to come up with a good answer myself and put it into practice.. How to find model games for various openings, structures, variations, subvariations, endgames even to study as good examples of what to do in certain scenarios. Any input is appreciated. Cheers!

maybe search it on google?i dont know.or buy some books

For structures, you could have a look at: Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide, by Mauricio Flores Rios
pdf excerpt here:

To find games with certain openings, you can key in the first moves in the analysis board here in lichess and enable the database masters. Look at some games from this position played by strong grandmasters.
For good endgames etc. look at games in a complete tournament e.g. candidates tournament, Grenke, Corus... and select the games with many moves. These are interesting endgames as both strong grandmasters deemed it justified to continue. is a great site for finding games on openings. It shows you notable games, has a game of the day etc and a lot of the time there are players discussing the games in the comments.

install Scid, get a chess database, sort by ELO. If that is not enough, filter out games where the side you are interested in did not win. Check through them fast. If a line got played by strong players often this is an indicator that it is good. If a player played the same line more than two or three times, have a close look at these games.

on the Internet there are many chess databases in pgn
Arena chess a free download has a pgn games file scid (not scid v pc) has a file of games in scid format. millbase and millbase update. chess-db where you can find a list of the worlds strongest players 20 per day free. chess menter has a large group of pgn's of opening as well as others. TWIC and convekta- put all together use scid to delete twin games and games below 2100 and you get about 7-8 million games above 2100.

Lars-balzer has many links to chess databases

I'm thankful for all the replies, but it seems to me that most people who've replied here have misunderstood what I asked in the first place.. I wasn't referring to opening theory, I was mainly asking about typical middlegames for certain lines and structures and how to find games that illustrate how to play those.

buy a book for the certain line u are looking should have typical structures for the line u are looking

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