How much would you rate this video out of 10? Would you want to watch it on a YT channel?

No sound and superficial comments: 3. The game was interesting, but the presentation wouldn't cause me to watch.

Reading the commentary is not very ideal. Also the funky music is not suitable for a chess video. If there was voice commentary instead of music then I'd probably watch.

Nope, Sound is awful, I'd rather have a live commentary...Sorry..

Definitely keep making a lot more of these videos. Do not change a single thing.
You probably won't get a lot of views at first, but consistency is key. Keep with it, make these every day, and don't give up.
Remember, the same day you give up, will be the day that your channel would have started gaining traction.

Don't worry about "commentary" and all that other stuff that people are saying.
Simplicity is key. Chess players like things that way.

The fact that the video wasn't made using Lichess is all the more endearing. Nice touch.
The most intelligent chess players from around the world don't gather here because Lichess is the future...
We're just here because we're waiting to watch the numbers start decreasing which should start any day now.

I'm glad that I took time to read this thread.
Thanks for sharing!

Are you taking students at the moment?

"If it ain't Lichess...then it's feces." - Onyx Chess

Depends, what are you aiming for as a content creator?

@Onyx_Chess just has a habit of speaking too much and being a try-hard to pose as a smartass! That's okay. (Oh BTW before patronizing a platform, you should explore it a bit more. The board is one of Lichess'.)

But thanks for the feedback, everyone. Noted. I wanted to test a new idea before creating a lot of these videos.

@NoobBatter yeah, the idea was to create something funny, like little remarks, but not really full-blown analysis. Apparently, it didn't work. :-)

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