How many of you are bad losers?

The Agony of the Loss...Enhances the Ecstasy of the Win. Win or lose...Its on to the next game. :]


Akobian would never have flagged So on that technicality; however, it's definitely the case that Wesley So needs to learn a lesson. Behind the scenes, Wesley was WAY out of bounds.

He's now learning the same lesson that Naka had to learn almost 15 years ago.
He's learning that there are certain things that GMs do, and don't do, if they want to have the support of their peers.

Akobian was definitely not without cause.

How many of you are sore losers?
Me: yes.

Anybody else end a matchup after obtaining a plus record? I'm a sore winner in that way.

I hate losing, but I only blame myself and never the opponent. I think it is not that bad because it is very helpful for my chess, studying a shitload.

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