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  3. How Do You Play Faster In 3/0?

@OhNoMyPants Thanks for your post, that is helpful info.

`"It's a bit disheartening because it makes the game seem like whoever moves fastest wins and little else matters"

3/0 is a long enough time control that it isn't about who moves fastest. However, to win "moving fast enough" is a necessary requirement. But that is the case for any time control, even for classical games.

Why do you stick to 3/0 if you keep losing on time over and over again? Why not pick a time control which allows you more time per move?

What you're saying is:
"I'm in a painting contest. It has to be completed in 1 hour. I start drawing very thoroughly, so that it wouldn't look like a piece of garbage. Then 1 hour ends, my painting is not ready. And someone else with a mediocre result wins the contest."
Quality for speed.

How old are you? You never get a chance in 3+0 against young boys ... I prefer 3+1

Something to remember: Your skill level always decreases the faster you play. What's basically happening here is that you are trying to play a 10 minute game and your opponent is playing a 3 minute game. So yeah, your skill level is going to be higher and you'll make fewer blunders and will often end up in winning positions because you're being more methodical... but unless you can crush your opponents in 20-30 moves, you're going to lose on time. So your choices are either play slower time controls and play at the pace you're comfortable with, or play faster and accept you're not going to be able to play as precisely.

At this time control, I would probably consider being behind 15 seconds on the clock to be about the equivalent to being down a pawn. So in this game:
At move 12 you were already a full minute behind and only about +1 on the board, so you were basically already down a full piece at this point. By move 18 you're up to +5 on the board, but still a minute behind, so maybe +1 overall.

Best advice i heard about blitz is just play, play, and keep playing. If I wanted to get better and "faster" I would do more opening study and endgames so the only time I would get in time trouble would be because of a sharp middle game. Find your avg. game moves as well. For example: if you avg game moves is 50 I would try to push for 25 moves before 1:30 left on the clock in a 3 l 0 game. Also stop smoking weed.

WRONG, don't do that!!!
the last tens of moves in 3:0 are easy to find and most players do them really fast without to much difficulties. the opening must be played fast too because this is mostly theory and you only need to have your pieces develloped in a classical set up in the middle or something like that. That's even ok to do innacuracies in the moves order or use slighly unsound openings/structures in such time control so long you don't drop pieces.
the only moment where you need to think is around the middle game, 90% of your time must be concentrated there for gaining an advantage sufficient for easy endgame (a pawn up can be enough if passed). endgame is played like a bullet, most of the time you don't have the time to properly checkmate your opponent so you try to flag them or force them to think and waste time

ps: i agree about weed tho xD

The disadvantage of playing in over the board chess tournaments is being forced to smell the breath of the opponents. Some chess players do not like the smell of weed, tobacco, vapes, and any other stuff people smoke. Regarding drinking, it's fine: drunk players lose fast without forcing opponents to suffer for too long. Nobody has to ever smell their opponents in online chess games so you can keep smoking weed as much as you want.

What if they spill beer on chessboard and all over you?

Right. You remind me. One of them spilled coffee. My paper chess board and chess boards of my both sides were ruined. Nothing hit me directly though. I maintained a good score sheet so the arbiter reconstructed the position on a board far away from the accident and the game continued.

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