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  3. Highest amount of inaccuracies in your game

I stumbled through this game I played 4 months ago and I was surprised i got 40 inaccuracies.
So I decided to ask you guys the amount of inaccuracies you had in your game.

jajajaja, like stars in the sky my friend, jajaja.

Better to have 42 inaccuracies than 2 blunders

What would be more interesting is a game where the winner (by checkmate, not time-out) has a higher number of inaccuracies, mistakes and/or blunders than the loser (at least in aggregate; I don't think all three measures would add-up to checkmate, unless a by-chance blunder or mouse-slip, etc).

In all my experience, it boils down to one player or the other having a greater degree of at least two (2) of those measures (loser), than the opponent (winner). Even if the loser has lesser in 2 out of 3 categories, and/or equal in the 3rd category would be an interesting find. (If a query could be run on such games.)

I'm not sure what my highest number of inaccuracies is, but, I'm pretty sure it's pretty high. (I'm not a very good player.)

I'm not sure if its actually possible for a victor by checkmate to have a higher ACPL.

... and that's what makes it interesting (if such a condition exists). Much more interesting than the OP's query.

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