Higher Rated Players


I am currently rated 1913 USCF, and have come to the point where I feel openings have become extremely important. I have wondered what to do against higher rated players, > 2000 and how to possible draw them at a consistent basis. Do any strong players have any tips for me, and if there are any opening suggestions? I am going to be playing in the K-12 Nationals this weekend so I need to prepare

You should probably get a coach or talk with a chess friends of yours to discuss. That's my suggestion.

I'm not going to tell you the secret trick to always draw against me!

I feel that Simon Williams does a very nice job on London, and Philidor or Dragon, and Dutch, thus giving you a complete repertoire.

As a less advanced player (peak 2100 so far) I get instantly lost and don’t learn anything from most opening books or videos, but Ginger GM seems to actually say things I remember and apply in real games. Maybe check him out if you haven’t already.

A better suggestion is to play games which provide your natural talent to shine--that your are comfortable with the resulting positions--and consistently win against the higher rated players.
A week to learn an opening well is not suggested. Vivek Rao said to play what you know.

When a GM played an unusual opening to "confuse" his opponent, a GM said to another GM that's it's easier to win from an even position than an inferior one.

the downside is Simon Williams doesnt play for draws.

Openings are important to some degree but much less than endgames, and simply not blundering.

Play advanced bongcloud. 1.e4 2.Ke2 3. Ke3, etc. "King activity is of utmost importance" - Majnus McCarnelsen

2000 seems to be that sweet spot where you at least have to have some kind of opening theory to deal with popular d4 e4 lines.

I've recently realized this myself and am slowly trying to re-work some of my opening theory to better reflect what I find in the opening explorer at the end of games with failed openings.

I could tell you to trade Qs.
Put rooks on open files.
Try for opposite colored bishops if given the opportunity.
But this is all stuff that you know already.

As far as I know, e4 e5, and d4 d5, provide some of the best chances to draw.

But then against, that's at master-class.

I don't think anything is particularly drawish <2200.

You'll have to play strong chess, put your pieces on good squares, aim for the win, and hope for at least the draw.