Hi is chess a game of war

@PonyoTW yes and no

According to your message you told us to write "yes and no". That's why I wrote that. lol

It is a game of war where you need to be calm.

definitely it country was in the war last month and all I've seen and heard about some "sacrificing" of territories and some "backward moves" for moving ahead all these things remembered me a chess game in front of me....also the important thing was that the "Kings" were behind their armies...

chess is just a geometrical play catch!

In a war game, we would play to take or have at mercy the enemy king. But we play for mate or no mate. We so much do not want to take the opposite king that we disallow leaving it in check and have stalemate as a draw.

Our chess would celebrate equilibrium, the fight around it, attacking and defending to withstand each other, and the playful mate, halting the game, when the attack is undeniable, which you can cheer for, which you can appreciate, winner or loser, because of this fair halt.

Unless it is a draw, the last move is the decisive check (not capturing the mated king; it remains on the board, facing up to that check). The would-be last move by the losing side is no more done, by our rules. Unbullyingly, the potential to move remains with the loser, as symbolic take-away.