Hi, I am starting out and whnat to learn chess.

I played a few games, both on this website and also a handful on a physical board.

Also watched some youtube videos, St louis thing, the finegold guy and backyardprofessor who is my favorite so far.

I also googled something that led me to wikipedia, but now as I am catching up to myself I feel like I don't have too much direction, and so here I am.

How to learn chess effectively? Any good roadmaps, advice or experiences that can set a young woman on the right course?

Mind you, I don't have to become some elite , sharpie professional lady, but I do want to make an honest effort to get "Good" at the game.

Being an 1800, I would already say that you're good. I could suggest the same old cliches of practice tactics or study the endgame to learn the power of the pieces, but better advice would be to learn from you mistakes in your games (another cliche). Only 9 games isn't enough to really expose your flaws, so I suggest you play more games and ask again later.

I assume you also started the "how good is 1800" thread, and although it's not frowned upon, I suggest you limit it to one thread at a time.

Hoping that you achieve your goals.

@jonesmh Oh I did not start the thread, I replied to it. I would argue that I am new, I watched some chess games and realized the players showcased just play better than I do and so I want to improve. You say cliche advice = tactics + endgames but what exactly ARE tactics and endgames? I didn't learn about either yet.

I didn't mean to gloss over you ignorance. I suggest you review the first four topics under the "learn" tab at the top of this page. These will explain some tactics and the ideas behind. IIRC, they also provide drills on basic mates. The endgame is the phase of the game where there is a small number of pieces left on the board. The opening is the phase where you are mostly concerned about developing the pieces and castling. The middlegame is the phase between the two.

After you review the basics of the game, I would be happy to assist you further your lessons. If you post, lots of others also help.

NOTE: As you mentioned being young, for safety reasons, always inform an adult if you feel threatened by any correspondence.

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!