Handshake Icon

Hi all,

My idea is to add a handshake icon to the chat box messages. I like to say good game most all the time after a game, like offering a handshake after an OTB game, but sometimes saying good game is not quite appropriate, like when you were having a good game but then your opponent blunders and you get a quick victory. Saying good game can sound a little out of place, but I'd still like to show respect to my fellow chess player.

I was playing an OTB game tonight and that's when I got the idea, a handshake icon, no words, just a picture that looks like an open hand being offered for a handshake; no language translation needed, always appropriate.

lol well interesting as in physical chess there is a rule saying the players HAVE TO shake hands before the game. One should also resign by stopping the clocks and offering your hand and toppling your king - most players find the words "I resign" too painful... instead they will let their time run out and accuse you of using an engine. So as long as a player resigns I still experience it as polite... but a handshake at the start of the game might serve a purpose - sometimes "hello" is used to confirm that both players are there especially considering the long time-free think on the first move in chess960 - though there I consider it a courtesy to not use too much time... maybe they should decrease that?

@themiddleway They don't "have to", but it is fairly universal sportsmanship. In fact, many USCF tournament directors will start the round by saying "If your opponent is here, you may shake hands and begin" which is generally enough encouragement for most people.

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