Good days and bad days ?!

Can anyone explain this ??

How can I do a simul like thjs

And the about 24 hours later play one like this ?

The second one was so full of awful blunders by me its embarrasing :(

Does anyone else have bad days ? if so, is there anything you can do about it, or any reason you know of ?

Or is it best just to leave it for a bit ?

Chess just has some variance. Can't do anything about it other than improve your chess skills

I did, I took a break and beat one of the ones I blundered against :)

That helped :)

I have not looked at your results, but try to consider this:

Under suitable conditions, you will win the same amount of games, that you lose - with that in mind, you can expect the same counterintuitively result as with coin flips. Long series of wine or losses seems strange - .
There could be a reason why you win a lot or lose a lot in a given period/event, but it could also just be a natural consequence of statistics.

For me more sleep is the only answer to reduce my blunders.

If I get up in the morning without a clock, then I know I'm getting enough sleep.

If an alarm clock wakes me up, than I'm not getting enough sleep.

With extra sleep, I'm less emotional, more logical and my chess performance is better.

I think it's unsound for me to play chess when I'm not getting enough sleep or I'm all drugged up with coffee or alcohol to keep me alert because ... I don't want to go to bed.

Discipline is Biological : If you take care of your brain, you're going to reduce that turbo charged fluctuating stress.
Start thinking of waking up before the alarm clock sounds. The brain will probably be much better off in the long run and be ready for another challenging day.

For me, lugging my car engine or lugging my brain with dopamine is not the answer.

I have more good days when I get lots of sleep.
I have more bad days when I lack sleep.

That´s an interesting point. I slept only 6 hours today and got completely owned by everyone.
Slept 8 hours the other days and performed rather mediocre.
Maybe if I sleep 20 hours....

Feature request: Maybe we all need an Alert chart (in the chess insight) showing us at what time of the day we play best.

I normally get about 42 hours of sleep per week. About 5 to 6 hours during the weekdays and a bit more during the week ends.
The weekends are the only days I wakeup without the alarm clock and I seem to get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep on weekends.

I don't think I can really catchup on my lost sleep and I'm probably not doing myself any good waking up by an alarm clock.
Twenty hours in the same position is not by ball of wax. That would be sleeping my life away. Probably some would consider it a sleeping disorder.

My alarm clock should only be set to prevent me from over sleeping. Like a chess clock should only be set to not drag the game out, but still leave adequate time to push our pieces. If the tempo is too fast to push the pieces, increase the increment time so you can play a blundering move.

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