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Does anyone offer free chess mentorship or training on chess?


there are plenty of youtube channels that could be considered; saint louis chess, chessnetwork, kingcrusher, etc etc. the videos are free to watch and are full of game improving information.

There are lots of other resources available too e.g. the #Chesstalk server on Discord is friendly chat channel for people of all strengths who want to help each other improve - e.g. free coaching. There are also a number of Twitch streams aimed at players who want to improve (including my own).

Yeah watch youtube videos and twitch streams. I learned so much from watching youtube videos.

Youtube: Go subscribe to ChessNetwork, John Bartholomew, Saint Louis Chess Club, Ben Finegold, Chessbrah,, Chessexplained, chess24, agadmator, GJ_chess, and many more.

Twitch: Go follow ChessNetwork, Chessbrah, Kingscrusher, chess, penguingm1, and tons tons more. Many streams can be found here on lichess. Go to watch -> streamers

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