flood of new strong players?

Not too long ago with a blitz rating of 2200 your ranking was around 2000. The number of players here increased slowly and at some point your ranking was only 2500. But now it is suddenly only 8000! How is that possible? I can't see that the total number of players has increased so dramatically. Do we have a rating inflation or what kind of reason can you think of?

Is there an archive of the "weekly ratings distribution" charts? If something unusual is going on within the player pool, it may show up there.

Perhaps there was a tournament or event of some sort that drew out of the woodworks people who had not played that time control recently and thus were not active on the leaderboard. They played it, became active, and now are on the leaderboards again. And if this were the case, then presumably with time it would revert to close to what it was before.

To me it seems rather the opposite: a lot of players dropped out of the rankings, as the required rating deviation is now 80 (before it was 109). I see many strong players without ranking, because they are above 80. So the number could be even bigger!

"a lot of players dropped out of the rankings"

Then your ranking would have gone up. But you started this conversation by saying the same rating is today getting you 6000 spots lower than it was at some point in the past. The 6000 people who are now ahead of you are some combination of players who were lower-rated than you but are now rated higher, and players who were already better but are new to the ranking pool. I have no idea what would cause this, all I offered was a total guess.

I referred to your argument that a lot of players have turned from passive to active and said that the opposite is also the case. So it could be even 10.000 instead of 8.000. The number of players always was growing slowly here and it was reflected in the ratings, but now there is this big jump. But maybe there is something with this active / passive thing. You always dropped out after one week without a rated game. Maybe they stopped it and no one drops out anymore?

A total guess is absolutely okay, that's what I'm asking for. I appreciate your answer, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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