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Greetings LichChess Community! Recently we have seen the creation of multiple national teams such as Italy, England, Spain, Turkey etc. Therefore I would like to invite the captains of these teams together here and any LichChess admins/community to help us organize the format as well rules of this first tournament!

Possible Teams- (Places like Scotland, Catalonia etc will not be listed for the same reason they are not given flairs)

Zimbabwe -Lead by me, Greek10000

Iran- Lead by M3hran

Turkey- Lead by KraL

USA- Lead by Julian88888888

Mexico- Lead by mevale

Spain- Lead by ayla

England -Lead by Toutatis

and many others! If you could find them all that would be great. Some such as Russia had multiple teams connected to that country and so the Russian players will have to form or pick a team to represent them. Some simply do not have a team.

I need the community's help in setting up/organizing the teams, format, rules. I really hope this takes off so help me make this happen!

This is a joke? :)

#1 You have a few things that can assure a failure there unfortunately. There are no captains, the people you have listed are probably the ones that formed the team (as in a community group, not as in Norway chess team in xxx tournament), and people joined in because they feel they have something in common. So those "captains" probably have not much influence or the desire to cope with selecting, scheduling or organizing people.

Secondly, the ease with which you've come to a conclusion about Scotland and Catalonia etc. is breath taking :) I've started to think that all of this was just a naive idea and we can have a series of lichess political wars at our hands.

As simple as it is, I can offer a basic solution.

Suppose a regular lichess tournament called "apples vs. oranges" is announced a day beforehand. When the tourney finish, the top 10 vote apples or oranges, and u have a score, apples : 4 oranges: 6 etc. I doubt that this will work fine, but if it does, then people could organize, set rules, etc. make it more refined. I doubt it because i think it is only a matter of time before apples become republicans and oranges become democrats and forums will explode in litter. Perhaps, I've been too naive in my previous enthusiasm. (republican vs democrats were chosen as an example of long standing differences, I'm not american I've no idea what they defend or stand against)

There is no need to invent rules to a dining table where no one will come to eat.

I would like to submit my team "Cat Lovers" as the standing representative for the glorious nation of South Sudan.

You don't need a Lichess admin / mod for this. Start, manage, and promote the tournament yourselves.

Will Zimbabwe-Yolo lead greek team ?

Lichess does NOT recognise England either, only the UK.

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