Finally at 800 Blitz!

Ah, the ants scamper at our feet, and we feel happy for them, in their industrious zeal :p

Wow! I can bet that you got to 800 faster than me...

@Yoyboi Watch the youtube channel "Hanging Pawns", and you will get to 1500 (bullet)

join 1500 gang please, we do whatever we want to do in chess no matter what, our job just keeping the 1500 score while trolling higher elo hahaha..

Sorry to be rude and congrats but I never went below 1000, not even on my first week of chess.

Congrats from me too (not the movement), you're doing better than i did when i began my journey in the world of chess.

I don't think that's rude at all @RickRenegade