FIDE backtracks and postpones the candidates until further notice - Thoughts?

FIDE has now backtracked and postponed the candidates tournament effective immediately, because Russia's airports were about to be locked down, which means all the candidates would have been stuck in Russia for the foreseeable future unless they postponed it and let them leave now.

If FIDE had just postponed it in the first place and not delayed we would have a fresh tournament ready to go in the future, instead we have

1. Radjabov aving pulled out because they refused to take action on the tournament. He could have played if they postponed it earlier.
2. Results potentially being affected by the state of mind of the candidates due to the lock down, virus and other things, potentially affecting future results.
3. The tournament being delayed by many months.

FIDE could have done a much better job, no? If they had of just listened to people, there would have been none of this mess.

Yeah you are right. They should not have started it in the first place.

Due to the results at halftime it would be even more disgusting if they restart the whole thing with Radjabov instead of MVL who is playing for the win!

Now FIDE is forced to continue with game 8 in the upcoming months.

I think that it was wrong to start this tournament during the Coronavirus pandemic.
It was also wrong to postpone the rest of the tournament.
This tournament should be annulled.
FIDE president should step back.
A new tournament should be organized after the pandemic is over.
In the new candidates' tournament, Radjabov and the French player both should participate.
It is evident that it may be difficult to play top-level chess while counting the corpses. And the players of some countries had an advance as the epidemic is not (yet) so drastic in their home country and they did not have to make some risky flights.

They should just finish the tournament online. This is the 21st century. The internet exists. OTB chess is valuable but right now the choice is between waiting an indeterminate amount of time until OTB chess is safe again, or to just have them play over the internet. FIDE could arrange to have arbiters in the same room as the candidate to avoid any accusations to cheating. It's totally feasible. It's an alternative that they should have considered from the beginning.

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