Everyone Calls me a nerd for playing chess. Any Advice?

Let them call you a nerd if they want..

They just don't appreciate what a great game this is, everyone here does though.

Offer to teach them the game. It'll help your chess game and maybe you'll make some friends.

Don't focus on what they say, focus on why they call you that. I'm sure it has nothing to do with chess. Maybe they are jealous or they want to harm you. Avoid those people if possible. Everyone has the right to do whatever makes him or her happy!

chess is not the right way to have a girlfriend.
Try MMA and chess ! Your friends will not treat you as a nerd anymore !

Haters and losers are jealous of your awesome talents.

Keep doing your awesome things and when you're 26 they will still be acting like 13 year olds and you will still be awesome.