Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings

>I mean are they available free for download ?

I believe Šahovski only has Small Encyclopedia (3rd ed. 2010) available as a download option, everything else is in a regular book format. And no it's not free. Quite a few of them are out of print as well.

These books were popular and handy in the past, but with introduction of databases their popularity has decreased.

I believe that, about two years ago, there was a revision (in two volumes) of ECO B. Not sure how well it sold. Haven’t heard of any more revisions since then.

@colgate123 said in #9:
> Well actually I was talking about these books....

Yeah, we all know what they are (I used to own a set of em too). I had BCO too (and still use it from time to time).

I have Volumes A-E and still use them.

For raising my computer screen to the correct height.


Sometimes, one can use a pile of opening encyclopedias to change a lightbulb.

TRUE silly ECO story??!! (Your mileage may vary.)
About 10 years ago, a certain maximum security prison used ECOs as TP to save money for misappropriation.
Despite persistent grumbling, everything went well from an administrative point of view for a short while.

Then some frustrated inmate named Bomber happened to read Jack and the Beanstalk in the prison library. He was actually looking for the unavailable Anarchist Cookbook. Well, he stacked those endless and useless ECO suckers one on top of the other right up into the sky.

64 prisoners escaped and no one has heard anything from them since. Draw your own conclusions.
TRUE great ECO escape...

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