Does anyone have any tips to get 2000 everything?

I am only 2000 in bullet and blitz and almost rapid, does anyone have tips to get my to 2000 everything?
Bullet and blitz are harder, so it should be easy to get 2000 in rapid and classical, if you just focus on those time controls and use all the time allowed by that time control.
@happysnake12345. if you want to increase your classical and rapid then don't play bullet or blitz.
Things to avoid include. Playing Fixed sides. Playing when you have trouble thinking.
Switching between time controls too much (play one time control per category)
changing what openings you play when it is unnecessary. Only change your openings when you feel that it is appropriate. Not just for the sake of trying new things.
Playing when you feel bad or tired or upset in any way. Doing so will severely damage the quality of your play, And you won't improve much if at all(good preparation before a game is outdoor physical exercise. meditation. making sure you are comfortable and not hungry or thirsty)
Things to focus on include. Endgames. Tactics(do 15-20 tactics per day)
and lastly, when you lose a game it's best to drink some water, take a walk, then analyse your game. Tapping "rematch" is tempting but not healthy. Hope my advice is good and helps:).

As a player who is barely 2000 everywhere myself i would say that what helped me most was to always focus on 1 at a time. I reached 2000 blitz first i think and i couldn't believe it xD i even went on to play blitz on to keep my 2k rating here :P Than i switched to rapid and got my 2k after a bit and finally did bullet. My point is that i never switched between time control while i was trying to grind rating points just like #4 said!

Good luck!
@happysnake12345 as someone with 2100+ on all three time controls in I'll just have to say, if you improve your slow games, your fast games will go up along with your slow games. But if you want to get better at slow games, there is no way around just simply playing a lot. I assume you didn't just make an account and speedrun to 2000 - no, you must have played many games. You will also have to have good time management - don't finish your 10min games with 7 minutes on the clock like I used to do, and most importantly you need to calculate your opponent's moves.

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