Do you prefer classical or rapid

I prefer classical, but when i blunder anyway its kind of a sin to play, so play rapid more. Also its kind of hard to stay awake if you opponent takes 1 minute on move 2, 1 at move 3, 1 at move 4 etc._

15+14 "rapid" on Lichess, since 15+15 is considered "classical" and is way too slow for me.

the more I play, the less time I need to think. I used to struggle with time in 10+5 rapid so played classical for a little while. Now I've got most of my openings memorized, so thinking starts at middlegame and I play mostly rapid. I also recognize alot of situations from previous matches and have some kind of idea how to play on, allthough I blunder sometimes. Will probably move over to Blitz once I feel 100% confident in my play in rapid.