Do you accept challenges by random people?

I sometimes challenge random people out of the blue. It's gets accepted around 50% of the time

@Purtzian I accept challenges from anyone even though I am an average player and lose most of the time. I joined and support Lichess due to loving the game and find it better for me than or I will refuse rematches if the person is just rude for no apparent reason though.

Yes I always accept the challenge, just ask them in chat that who are you?
When I am unable to play with them I drop a message to them

@chesslegendmaster I definitely couldn't play Ultra Bullet if I tried. It's difficult for me to even play 15 + 15 Classical right now. I just seem to be getting worse and worse in all areas right now. Kind of frustrating. Still love the game to death.

no i mean like...

only if it doesn't waste 30 seconds or less of my time XD

but yeah i do usually play bullet

I'll usually accept a challenge from a random person unrated, unless I was suspicious of their account or I was busy at the time.

No. Never. Just because it makes me feel spooky that someone is watching me and I don't know who they are.

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