Did you know?

Did you know that somewhere around the year 1895 it was the German player Curt von Bardeleben who introduced a method of resigning a lost game by the simple device of walking silently and without explanation from the board and allowing his time to run, which added a new verb "to bardeleben" to the vocabulary of his chess contemporaries ? I think a new button should be added to the interface so the player can choose between draw offer, resign and bardeleben away, which of course should add more rating damage than usual. Some kind of berserk resigning. What do you think?

Yes, Steinitz - von Bardeleben

sore loser

You want to promote this idea? you find valuable for what? what is the point? qualify for me [an easy interface comprehension machine made by god with an eternal warranty - there is nothing i can't comprehend. example: is nothing an abstract concept arbitrarily made in the imagination of ignorant men? or Does nothing actually exist as a concrete verifiable real event?] what you think the goal of this technique is or what you accomplish by this end. I hate to be closed minded and I'm trying to allow for your mind to answer me well. But despite all this I can't. Wasting someone else's time, especially and intellect who just proved to be more useful than yours, is the same thing as rape and they way you do it is to betray the confidence and patience of someone is called treachery and it is the worst crime of all. The lowest circle of hell is reserved for the treacherous. Who betray the trust of the innocent in contempt to deceive and thereby expose and exploit the vulnerability of a man or government to and evil end. It is pure evil and not a form of temptation.

You have nothing to say. But If you can imagine up some fantastic reason why you think this is a good idea that Lichess is gonna promote for you then tell me. I can't wait to hear it. There. I just gave you like 10 minutes of my time free. You think it was worth it?

proofread, not edited, not revised, not a chance

Hello! I would love to answer your question simply but it is not a simple question. I'm sure you'll agree when you recount the way you added speculation as an embellishment question to the original question which instinctively in your mind was assistance to me to your charge. It's not a problem. We can answer this but I'm positive you will be satisfied with the true answer.
Of course it starts with a question: Where do any beliefs come from?
Now I'll go ahead and embellish that for you: we are taught what to believe as children by our parents.
This is natural and usually the governing dynamic for life. However some of up 'wake up' and realize this reality is not exactly what they say it is. It's starts with one thing then those who are brave and seek to know the truth will have to unlearn more than they can bear in mind. It is problematic and a long road. Fortunately, as it happens, usually the truth is in place now and it is the greatest assistant in matters such as the mind and the delicate state of reality.

Now 7billion realities walking around clear, not confused not seeking to understand, are all different. They are all true and acceptable and they are all reality. Now we like to think reality is one big picture like the whole concept of the 'universe' meaning one. Unfortunately even the universe is not actually one big picture like the flat universe model suggests. But like subatomic partical physics are one world and then newtons laws are our world and then astrohysics is another set of rules and the pattern, like a fractal in a snowflake suggests, continues forever so that on other scale the universe we consider one reality actually is a part of another set of governing laws with respect to the next level.

I'm afraid I've lost you.

Do you have idea what reality is in truth? I get my ideas from me. I have dismissed what I have been taught. I learn from the nature of life and the universe and trust the truth to be consistent throughout all.

As I am committed to the truth I feel the truth is committed to me as well. It protects me. I cannot be confused regardless of my comprehension I can not enter into doubt although I know I know nothing....I am supremely confident because I did not waiver for 30 years while I carried the truth I believed in my heart to every man in this world until the universal rejection reached a breaking point and evolution -transcendence- stepped in....

I'm afraid that's as far as I'm willing to go at this point. I will freely share my life with you it's an awesome story but as you have only presented me with a challenge - which makes no sense to me- and not offered any substance of yourself I'm not sure yet if it is wise for me to invest more than 10 minutes of my life for you...

I just did it again. I'm sure I spent 10 minutes of my life writing out this explanation for you because I witnessed it firsthand and I remember doing it right now....
have a good day!
get back to me


If only GOD were like me: you ask whatever you want and, no questions asked no lengthy time consuming applications no discrimination and without judgment explains in depth perhaps to deep all you could ever hope for in an answer and so much more...but wait he didn't finish. Well that's because knowledge is infinite and learning never ends and there is an infinitude of explanation for any event. It always goes on forever and they always lose interest way before I ever touch their minds.

Now GOD doesn't do that. I did it. I do that. Now you explain yourself as I have been more than generous with you.

If I am satisfied with your attempt of being honest with me we may continue. I have my doubts. I'm afraid you may not be ready. But this is all the time we're ever gonna have so think HHAARRDD about your next move

@Archaeon, the default "rating range" setting is 1500 - 2900. I'm not going to change it, or at least your pseudo-philosophical attempt doesn't persuade me to do so. Pendant ce temps, (meanwhile) good luck and have fun! Kind regards!