Did You Ever Miss a Mate in One?

If it makes you feel any better, I hung mate in 1 earlier and I'm over 2000 classical. I was absolutely furious after getting disconnected the previous game. I hadn't lost a game yet and I was winning that one and my phone mysteriously lost service. Next game I fell for a grade school level trap because I was pissed and not paying attenion. Got mated on like move 8.

I have. But to me, that's not nearly as frustrating as losing on time when the next move I was going to make would have been mate, if i had just been able to move a little faster. That happens to me sometimes in bullet games, and it drives me up the wall.

I'm pretty sure I did that in bullet and not once. At long time controls I can't remember myself missing mate in 1, but I was shocked a few days ago when my opponent blundered mate in 1 having 45 minutes on the clock in a dead drawn position:

I'll definitely missed a lot of them, but I guess you're looking for missed mates in one with more time. OTB never, in the Internet, I can't exactly remember. But I missed a mate in an otb game. To make it even more miserable, I was completely winning being up a queen and a piece against two rooks with his king exposed. I was annoyed to play it out and took a pawn without thought, but then it was mate in three. After that my whole tournament went terrible. I was about 2000 FIDE around that time, so yeah...

I haven't missed mate in one in an OTB classical game. But an opponent of mine outplayed me the whole game (I played bad, whatever) and then he blundered this easy mate:

I saw a lot of times something i think is a mate but i can take a queen also, ofcurse i take the queen. :P

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