Daily Playing Time

Would I have to go to each individual time format I played in the day and add it all up? Or is there an easier way?

Your profile has a running total: 30d 16h 45m. I'm new here, but I'm guessing that's the time spent playing. If so, jot down the new total in a spreadsheet at the end of each day and calculate the difference with a formula

Time spent playing.
It is displayed on the bio of said user (yourself!)
Bottom of the image.

He meant individually speaking. Any given day how much time was spent. I think there is no way. I mean, it's possible to set this but it's not available here. Suggest to the Lichess Team

Ah. No, there is no way. That would be a good suggestion though @ferrisx

The only way would be to look at your time now, and then at the end of the day (8:00 pm eastern) calculate the increase.

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