Create Correspondence chess tournaments ?

Hello dear friends,
Please, could we have the opportunity to create a tournament "correspondence" (1 or 2 days delay) ??
I wish it to be possible.

Why did I not receive any answer to message I sent to site managers ?? ... Is my proposal so silly ?? ... Or am'I considered as a negligible amount ?? ... :-(((((

correspondence games take a long time to complete on average, they take so long that a persons playing ability can worsen and improve while on just one game. so any ranking would be meaningless add to this the temptation for cheating players and I just do not see this as being an enjoyable experience.

I do not agree with autumndust.
This type of tournament is very popular on other chess sites. I'm sure will gain a lot of popularity with these tournaments.
Have you noticed that there are a lot correspondence chess players on !?...
For cheating, I do not agree because it also exists in the game live, unfortunately.


Your proposal is great.

"Es recht zu machen jedermann ist eine Kunst die keiner kann." I hope you find the source of this, a nice text from Johann Peter Hebel, in a good french translation.

Beautiful text by Johann Peter Hebel !! ;-)

Do you know who to ask on the site to have (to play) correspondence chess tournament ?

A proposal: Putting this in the right forum (lichess feedback) and asking your friends and the lichess community to sign it. Informing the biggest teams could be handy.

Dear chessfriends,

I just created a topic on the forum lichess feedback... I hope it's the right destination and I ask you (if you're interested) to talk about this idea on other forums Lichess.

Thank you very much !