Crazyhouse Links

I've posted a lot of blogs and crazyhouse streams in the past weeks so want to share for those new to crazyhouse or share for those who might not know that this content exists and other links to zh on the web.

If you are interested in the 2018 Crazyhouse World Championship, here is a page with all the links:

You can join the Discord linked there where we discuss crazyhouse (as well as bug, chess and other chess variants). That is my first recommendation. There are also recap blogs to the first five rounds and introducing the Candidates of the 2018 CWC as well as a calendar of upcoming crazyhouse events.

There is also a link to over 50 streams covering live CWC action. First and foremost I would recommend jannleecrazyhouse, the Twitch and Youtube handle of the World Champion, but you should subscribe on both platforms also to mugwortcrazyhouse, okeizh, zhbruhs, doetinchemdude and crptone. Helmsknight also has great zh content from the "other site" as well as bughouse, as does chuckmoulton, and there is also great historical content on Youtube from Nikolas Theiss and crosky, both instructional and commentary from the 2017 CWC.

Then I would also love if you subscribed to my own YouTube where as well as CWC matches I streamed over 14 hours of opperwezen vs GM Yasser Seirawan over the past couple of weeks (many hours with opper himself joining me in voice chat on Discord) as well as having a lot of "fun videos" and "instructive videos" and hopefully more in future although I will be less busy creating this content for a while as term is starting and my brother is staying over for a few months in the room I normally stream. There are at least 3 days of content to catch up on, so definitely enough to keep you entertained.

Here is my YouTube:
If I get 100 subscribers then I can change the channel name from that long sequence to something shorter, so I'd appreciate your following me. Do please also follow all the others I mentioned above and I collect videos from them (as well as bughouse) in playlists on my channel, so you can find them easily.

For those new to crazyhouse, here is a guide, again with many links to others who have produced guidance such as mastertan, crosky and others:

This okei guy is a phony don't listen to him. lol just kidding. he is a wonderful person and a fantastic member of the zh community! i highly encourage anyone with even the slightest interest in crazyhouse to subscribe to his youtube and twitch channels!

And remember, always use sunscreen!