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  3. Correspondence Creeps Me Out. Am I Paranoid?

I have no idea how it actually works.

But, I feel like being 'connected' to another user for days on end would make it easier for them to 'hack' me.

Am I just being paranoid/watched too much Mr. Robot?
Or, is it actually plausible that this is something to be worried about?

"I have no idea how it actually works."

You click on the 'create new game' button. Follow the instructions.

"I feel like being 'connected' to another user for days on end would make it easier for them to 'hack' me."

You are clearly paranoid here. You are not connected to him all the time, a connection (to the lichess servers) is only made when you or he submits his move.

No, this is nothing to worry about ;-)

Hahah no i know HOW to play correspondence; I'm just scurred to do it.

Frakkin cylons gonna get me.

I fear they will if you dont stop worring about such nonsense ;-)

Dont forget: The trick of the cylons is not to take away freedom from you but to make you believe they did ;-)

Troll thread.
Players are not connected to each other.
The OP is well aware of how it works. It appears he posses mouse skills, but is afraid to play any time control over 5 minutes that requires chess skills.
Correspondence is the soul of chess :-)

no worries about hacking.
tho they might rummage through your history looking for crack in your armor.


<philosophmode>I would say, correspondence is the science, studies and problems are the soul.</philosophmode>


Actually football can be quite philosophical too:

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