chess tournament with prize 50$

hi guys,
if i made tournament in 50$ prize for 1st with only one condition
the condition is everyone should subscribe to my youtube channel
who will be ready to join the tournament and make subscribe to the channel?
if i found good number i will create the tournament then announce about it here

waiting for your replies


So you're paying us 50 bucks to subscribe to your channel?

No thanks.

you are free but also you can check the content then inform me about your review
the channel is still new and i need support from your action to work more on it

thanks for your response

a bunch of shmucks join your tournament and subscribe to your channel in the hopes of getting in your tournament and winning first prize, which allegedly is $50. and i use the term alleged. and the tournament will only be held if it's worth your while...

whatever happened to the guy who was willing to teach for $3 an hour? somehow that seems simpler.

You realize that people can just unsubscribe once tournament is over right?

not bribing but it is kind of advertisements for the channel

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