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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Chess 960 tips?

Hello to all.
What openings for 960? How to study?
Above all: What are the best openings for all 960 positions?
The things I found on the internet explain in part.

Any valid book?
Thank you so much to all

Sorry but I'm afraid it is not possible to study openings for chess960, because you would have to memorize 960 times more than regular chess. But if you want to get better, you should practice tactics, positional play and endgames for normal chess because it works the same way.

In the opening you should still try to occupy the center, develop all your pieces and castle.
At the first move check, which of your pawns are not defended at well. Protect them and look for chances to grab unproteced pawns of your opponent.

kind regards

If minor pieces (specially bishops) start in a corners, give them priority in development to avoid them being stuck there.
Conversely, if your opponent is neglecting a corner piece, try to push pawns to impede its development.
The Stockfish code for chess 960 has an evaluation term tacked on for corner bishops.

Meanwhile, thanks for the answers

If I have not misunderstood, the openings are decided at the moment depending on the position, while it is important to free the bishops if you start from positions d, angle.

The rest must be developed at the moment.
I'm right to say that they are very complicated, it messes up all that little I know of the openings :-( Ahahaha

Thank you so much to all

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