Chess : the most beautiful art

"All artist might not be chess players, but all players are artist."These were the beautiful words said by Marcel Duchamp and it really means alot.We play the most beautiful moves which cannot be foreseen and we make the most wonderful arts of lifetime by it.Our Art doesn't need any colours or any words it has it's own message and it's own meaning.Each moves is a rainbow in its own.Its the colourful picture painted by the moves which we play and that's all we ever did make beautiful pictures....

He also said:
"I am still a victim of chess. It has all the beauty of art - and much more. It cannot be commercialized. Chess is much purer than art in its social position."

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I'd rather use positive than superlative. Yeah I admit, chess is beautiful...

...but are you sure it is the most beautiful? Have you seen the beauty of the other things? You shouldn't decide something by being ignorant on the other choices. That is just being ignorant and stating random opinions aergh, no offense intended.

We don't have to compare the beauty out of the art. Chess has a unique beauty that is impercievable to some people.

Also, can I have the definition of "chess players"? Does that include people who only knows the rules? Does it include people who only played chess once? Does it include people who who doesn't care about what he moves? Because I doubt that if a person who doesn't care about what he moves is still refferable as an artist.

And does "artist" mean a person who produces art? or a person who does his/her best at any given situation?

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What is that "art" that chess is much purer than? What do you also mean by "purer", like simpler? or like more beautiful? What is the chess that you mean too, like classical chess? Including ultrabullet or not?

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So if it is a quote, aren't quotes basically shortened opinions with a perspective? If yes then quotes are very arguable added with the different perspectives of humans. If no, then what is a quote? (Please don't answer "quote is quote".)

#5 I am just curious and I want the truth.

Well I guess Here this is the truth in my opinion and I believe that quotes are the words which are to inspire and make us think in a positive way and yeah it changes with the type of perspective.But here the perspective was still positive so I believe that quote did never really change much. But everybody has their own opinion and you had your

It are not my words, but those of Duchamp
so the "art" means art as he was used to make
in his quote he says more beautiful and he also explained purer as not commercialised
"chess" he probably meant classical chess, there was neither blitz nor bullet then.

@hisokaxhunter Dude it's great we are having same ideology. We all should have an image that is created by the beautiful words and somethings cannot even be described by me at times due to its beauty but having an ideology and keeping an perspective for everything is the best way to see the world in a way no one can

I am thankful for the three Duchamp quotes.
Schach ist schön, ja. But in Germany, chess games are officially considered no works of art ;) ;( In 1993, Robert Hübner had kept his game notation after a league match, in order to create a case: He wanted to claim author's rights for the players. The Jury of the German chess federation denied his claim. They followed it up with an expertise by a GM and a lawyer, saying, if the two players were working together, they could claim co-author's rights, but since they played against each other, both trying to win, they couldn't. I don't know about chess being an art, but this dividing line is pretty ridiculous. Both players are working together in a dialogue, overcoming or withstanding one another, or being overcome). Hübner tried to step up and appeal to the German legislature, but they rejected his appeal, it did not go to court.