"Can you play a bit faster please bro"?

"Can you play a bit faster please bro"?

At least he was polite. Others just order: "Move!" Which is why I usually disable the chat.

@clutchnutz In these cases I previously asked back "Why not play bullet?" But somehow they don't understand this question.

Sometimes there's a strong case for a GFY button.

Questions ending with "bro" are best answered with "no, sis!".

@clutchnutz yeah, I've had the "ZZZzzzzzzzz..." too! And I've had the ones that resign the game to teach me a lesson about move speed in 15+15 casual !? One can just imagine them smashing the resign icon button in disapproval, and yelling "Yeah bro, let this be a lesson to ya about move speed etiquate, yeah"!!

@Katzenschinken yeah true, he was polite, atleast he was prepared to give me options to either go at the speed he would find appropriate or carry on at my natural speed, as you say some of them make demands for immediate move speed adjustment.

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