Can I select all and delete all my inbox

So i have a ton of inbox msgs and was wondering if i can delete them all in one swoop or do i have to click on every topic and delete?

You still can write some js code to do that i guess.

I smashed the keyboard a bit, it adds delete buttons for every thread on the overview page. (no annoying confirmation or page navigation)

To use, paste these 2 lines after each other in the address bar (you can't paste javascript: at the same time because of a security feature). You can place the address in a bookmark.


var df = function(e) { var elm = $(this); var url = elm.parents('tr').find('td:first-child a')[0].href.replace('#bottom', '/delete'); $.ajax({type: "POST", url: url}).done(function() { elm.parents('tr').remove(); }); }; $('<td><a class="delete">Delete</a></td>').on('click', df).appendTo('#lichess_message tr.paginated_element');

If you have a lot of messages, scroll down to the bottom before doing what #3 said, so that all the messages get delete links.

Effortless method: Just pretend they aren't there. Works for me every time.

As a side note, I wonder if I'm the only person who ignores new emails, and "notices" new emails by comparing the "new" email count by the previous number in memory.

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