Titled Blitz Arena Recap

Until the player-streams-buttons-hide-chat-window problem is solved you can add ...


... to your uBlock, when on the tournament overview page, in order to hide these buttons.

Congratulations to the award winners, sorry for the women who lost the awards. As for the chat room, it was really small again, in such cases it is difficult to follow and participate in the chat.

I don't quite understand why there are no more awards for women.

“Others, including GM Alireza and GM Carlsen only seemed to berserk after a loss to get their streak started.“

Both of the hyperlinks of “GM Alireza” and “GM Carlsen” lead to Alireza’s profile instead of Carlsen’s leading to Carlsen’s profile.

@Lion_of_chess guess some of them allowed men to play for them, we had such cases in our own local prize torunaments here which we ended banning them, if they want prizes maybe they can stream the event live infront of a camera with both hands visible

Wow Alireza ahead of Magnus in blitz! didn't expect that.

I like how players for the most part really played 3 minute blitz without mutually berserking and playing bullet games instead. Most players near the top berserked less than 50% of their games. There were plenty of high quality games.

The blitz titled arena also gave more chances to other players who wouldn't be able to keep up in a bullet tournament.

Hope to see this continue!