Carlsen finishes in style to win May Titled Arena

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The play from Magnus is just amazing!! I'am happy that he play in such strong events here on! What we can learn from Bullet Chess, i dont know but its just great to watch his games. If Carlsen will represent lichess i dont know, but i hope he will support lichess also in the next few years with playing the Titled Arenas.

@happyblink The Titled Arena are Bullet Tournaments often times and I said that i don’t know if we can learn something from Bullet Chess but it’s just great to see how Magnus is playing all his Bulletgames.


I think that that’s what I mean just stand also in the message before. But no Problem, hopefully you understand it now also.


@ kazanchess

That has already happened. Magnum beat Naka convincingly in several blitz and bullet time controls in a chess dot com match.

It seems the only area Carlson would not be a favorite in is 15 second and berzerking (8 seconds) hyper bullet VS penguin or something, since Carlsen doesn’t appear to take his mouse, pad, settings, and connection as seriously. Penguin flagged him a few times in a lost position.