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@hangrad 1$/bullet game haha, so if by any chance I will get paired in some bullet tournament against penguin and will play, shall I transfer him 1$ or it's for free when it's in tournament? :D
And of course already looking forward to Magnus Master Class for GMs on how to play 960, excited ;)

I love the 960 titled arena but hope it won't be at the expense of the 1+0 titled arena.

It certainly won't.
I'm a 960 enthusiast, but love both.
Also, just forget the standard openings for a minute and you'll realize 2+1 chess960 led to loads of very instructive games.
So excited again!

I would love to play this arena :(

@Spartako 2+1 sucks

I am also on IM Mutpro's side; wouldn't it be more varied to offer a next Lichess Titled Arena first? It's THE driving magnet to lichess, and motivates so much players to visit lichess and join, which could benefit to the donationpool. Nevertheless looking forward to a great tournament to watch & much love and respect to the efforts of lichess developers , their management and philosophy. Big Love

The site is a graveyard, why fake it???

How is lichess a graveyard!?

11,000 folk here, 5600 games, yet seldom are we seeing talking here... Remember yahoo chess, 23000 games going all dynamically linked to a handful of games...

ah, I see, I am pretty new to that, alhough old, just solved puzzles, no clubplayer at all, ya know. That sounds huge. Also old Lichess vids feel more true, times change. Best regards