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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Lichess London Meetup Recap

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Thanks for the great recap, @lukhas =].

And thanks to all the lovely people who came along and made the blitz tournament and meetup a mind blowingly awesome night =].

Thanks to the the Lichess staff for being funny, friendly and interesting company over the few days, too! =]. Sorry about my snoring :P.

I will conclude my post with an in-joke.

Mikee! Mikee!

So many boys and 1 girl

Great for regular chess players to see some titled players at a meetup.

Would be nice if the post had the players pictures usernames as well in case it's public.

Wish I could have joined! Do you hold meetups on a regular basis or was this something of a one-off given the World Championship? If it's semi-regular and world-wide please consider holding a meetup in the San Francisco area.

nO BuGhoUSE??? sAY wHaT?