Magnus Ascendant in Titled Arena 8

This tournament proves that berserking is not a good idea. The first place finisher has 0% berserk.

I think Magnus is so confident about his chances against Fabiano that he still participated even when the WC match is less than 2 weeks away. Also his continued support to Lichess is remarkable!
Well done guys... and hopefully next event is scheduled not in the wee hours for us here in asia ;-)

WC match starts on November 9, not 11. The 11th is a rest day ;)

Magnus won with large margin-26 points, but penguin was stream (it is distracting) and had problems with the Internet. Magnus stopped streaming after Lichess Titled Arena 5 , where he finished in 7th place

Congratulations to all titel player for finishing this turnament

But why other famous top10 players don't participate? Almost no familiar names except Magnus. And he is really confident with continuous support of this site.
Would be fantastic, for example, to see Nakamura in this competition.