Berserking last tournament game

Cheers fellow chessers!

I played a bullet tournament the other day (1+0). For the last game there was only a bit over 1 min left of the tournament, so I berserked the game, thinking that if he/she did the same we’d both have a fair chance to grab a last point or two.

He of course won the game after he didn’t berserk, but he didn’t get the points as the tournament was then over.

I felt a bit cheated and wondered why he did this. Was the opportunity to get a few «easy» rating points more important than the tournament points? Is it a bit disrespectful? What do you think?

Why should he berserk if he doesn't want to? Maybe your idea did not even occur to him.
I think 1 min is already way too fast. No need to accelerate it even more.

I hardly see how "non berseking" is a kind of cheating or disrepectful

You choosing to give away half your time is you being cheated? Really? Did somebody else make you push that button?

Nobody owes you an explanation for why they want to play with a full clock. The only answer you need is: Because they wanted to. If you only give away your time on the assumption that your opponent will as well, then expect disappointment often.

Also, your post seems to imply that caring about rating points is somehow less acceptable than caring about tournament points. If getting tournament points is more important to you for some reason, then fine: You took a gamble in the hopes of gaining some. If you don't care about the rating points you mock your opponent for apparently caring about, then why are you upset?

Definitely not cheating! All I’m saying is if both players berserk, it gives both a fair chance to grab a few points at the end of the tournament. Since he didn’t berserk, he didn’t get the points, so what’s the point?

It felt a bit «disrespectful» as he obviously didn’t care about the tournament and just exploited the situation to grab a few rating points. Of course you can’t force or expect anyone to berserk, but shouldn’t there be a kind of gentleman’s agreement that you berserk the last game in the tournament if time is short?

I am not mocking him for caring about his rating, let’s be honest; who doesn’t? But when you’re playing a tournament, the tournament points should be more important than rating points in my opinion. 🤷‍♂️

Many players seem to have their own arbitrary rules & codes of conduct they feel other players should abide by & feel cheated or direspected when their opponent doesn't play along like a good little peon. Wouldn't it be nice if people could just play chess and not try and push their own interpretation of 'etiquette' on others?

I always berserk back, when I'm not on a huge winning streak.
However, when I berserk, no matter what, even against higher rated players, I respect their choice of berserking back or not. If your opponent wanted to play hyper, he would have joined a hyper tournament instead

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