Being accused cheating with comparison to your FIDE rating?

Hi all,

today I was accused of cheating by a player here. After beating him in a 15+15 game he immediately accused me of cheating. Afterwards he wanted to know my FIDE rating and my name. After telling him about my ELO he told me I wasn't capable to get this kind of rating on lichess. He was suspicious because I didn't stated my rating and my name on my profile which is pretty awkward. I told him to check out my games and he still accused me of cheating. In the end he blocked and reported me. Just want to clarify I'm since 2015 here with a good amount of games. I never had the intention to cheat. I'm not marked as a cheater, but I just wanted to create this thread to draw attention to other players which might have face something similar. Should we just ignore these people or trying to discuss with them? Have you made experience with these kind of players?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day (:

- Don't discuss
- Don't give away information, you don't want to give away
- Report him: It's quite obvious, that he is a bad loser, and wants to create fear and uncertainty. Successfully :-(

That happens every now and then because some people are sore losers and can't lose with dignity. Unless you get officially marked as a cheater, ignore it.

I agree with sheckley666 and Chillkroete77.

I'd go one further and block the player as well. I'd do it as soon as they accused me or acted belligerently/rudely in any way.

There is no need to have to put up with bullying from a sore loser (or anyone). If they had a legitimate complaint, they should use the proper procedure to report the suspicious game/player.

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