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hi it is my first days hère
i play Chess since 4 months
i would like to learn

i m looking for a training partner

thanks to all of you

You can play here against kind players, setting the good rating range (Create your game)
For example 1200-1450.

Some suggestions:

1/. Work through the lessons under the Learn->Chess basics menu
2/. Then work through the lessons under the Learn->Practice menu. This will introduce you to checkmate patterns, tactics, and endgame basics.
3/. When you've finished those start doing the tactical training exercises available under the Learn->Practice menu. Take your time with them, and when you get one wrong work out why you got it wrong.

You should probably be spending a total of around half an hour a day on the material covered in 1 to 3 above. The rest of your chess time is spent playing, and going over your games trying to work out what you did wrong, or what you did right, and learning from what your opponents were trying. Ideally you should be spending about twice as long playing as studying, unless you find you really like studying.

4/. Have fun. The most important bit.:)

Welcome! @anastasiaetboris

Im only 1300 but ill train with you if you like. If you are interested private message me. Archie

Welcome to the lichess anastasiaetboris. Here you can find a lot of kind people who will give you advices. First, play a lot of games and analyze them by yourself. That is the best way to improve. Also, like in every sport, it's good to work with coach. You can check out some videos too. :) Enjoy!

Welcome to the lichess anastasiaetboris. Here you may find a lot of—lack of a better word—dumb people on this site. Regardless, have fun! Although chess may not be a sport, it's a good idea to find a coach, preferably in person.

Welcome to the world of true free online chess :commieheart:

1. Solve tasks 100-200 per day.
2. After games make Analysis (request analysis on "Computer analysis" tab) and exam own errors and teach correct variants it suggesting You.
3. Practice, practice, practice ;)

100-200 puzzles each day... saying approximately 3 minutes per puzzle, it give around 7 hours !

dont use computer analysis as much as possible. computers are killing this game enough.
only use in situations which are beyond your thinking capability and check the evaluvation(which are also flawed sometimes)