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Der Analyse Algorithmus gibt vor, genau die Grenze zwischen Mittelspiel und Endspiel ziehen zu können. Aber wie? Nach welchen Kriterien? Im Nachhinein, nach dem Ende des Spiels? Oder weiss er es bereits während des Spiels?

The analysis algorithm pretends to be able to draw exactly the border between middle game and final play. But how? By what criteria? In hindsight, after the end of the game? Or did he already know it during the game?

Asked this before. Never got an answer ...

Yu want to know when the endgame begins. The boundaries are not clear but as a general rule you can consider it is an endgame when there are less than 2 pieces for each side on the board. That is not a very safe rule as with a queen and a rook and still an attack on a king unfolding , it is not considered endgame yet.The endgame has different goals from the middlegame. Many authors separate the middlegame from the endgame using the 3 following conditions:
First , checkmating the king is no longer the goal. Checkmate threats serve other purposes , mainly promoting a pawn.
Second, pawns become very important and promoting a pawn becomes the only way to win the game.
Third, the pieces are few(2 or less).

Again these rules don't cover all situations. For example King and 2 knights and vs King and pawn is still an endgame but checkmating the king is the only way to win for the side with the 2 knights so although the above conditions clearly apply to most of endgame positions it's not possible to create rules that apply to every position.

Thanks Roper.
Generally, I consider it similarly. Some say: endgame starts as soon as queens are traded ... but not completely serious.

The question here was which algorithm is used by the engine when it draws a precise line.

No Roper300, not at all, the algorithm may even use random numbers and pretends a precise line. ;-)

Well , no algorithm can precisely predict the boundaries between middlegame and endgame. I assume it will be right most of the times though.

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