Hey, how do you make colored arrows? Haven't been able to find anything on it

to make green, just use the right mouse button.
To make different colors, use one of three hotkey combinations:
Hope this helps.

Green: right mouse button | SHIFT + left mouse button
Blue: SHIFT + ALT & left mouse button | ALT + right mouse button

ALT + left mouse button is not working at all, how to make red arrows?

Shift + right click on mouse for red arrow,if i am right

To make red arrows, just do Shift + Right mouse button

ALT+SHIFT + RMB → Yellow
ALT+ SHFT + LMB → Blue
SHIFT + RMB → Green
ALT + RMB → Blue
ALT + LMB → nothing
RMB → Green
LMB → nothing

Additionally clicking on a single square with the same key combination draws a circle on that square (highlight)

Thanks to @Daltanious for showing the four colors and the two actions.

A little off topic, but why isn't this question and other commonly asked ones in the FAQs? Even a link to Wikipedia would be helpful.

Examples: I won on time, but it's only a draw--what up? He moved two pieces at once? He removed my pawn without capturing it? My opponent rage quit, what do I do?

I'm tired of constantly seeing these in the forum. Of course, if people don't search the forum first, why would they try to find and search the FAQs?

No offense intended to @Emdryo, I just have to vent every so often.

How do you turn off all the arrows and highlighted squares and all that stuff? I just want the board to stay plain, with no markers.