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  3. Aronian should have watched Kingscrusher

In today's match Aronian played a very dubious Berlin defense as white.

2 years ago @Kingscrusher-youtube practically refuted the h3 line as black playing the novelty, 8.. Rg8!! This was in a 3 minute game which makes it all the more remarkable.

Or maybe Kramnik watches KC videos as the game kind of went the same way.


Kingscrusher plz make a video about how you taught Kramnik everything he knows.

Whelp, I guess my dreams of Aronian going to WCC are squashed again. (Still much play, but, dude dropped from middle-of-the-pack to bottom tier, and it typically doesn't get much better for him in terms of long-term tournament performance; he's either on his game from the start, or lagging behind and merrily struggling with drawish-ness all the live-long-tournament.)

Sucks to be me.

Go Mamedyarov!

Nothing is squashed, it is 3rd round, 11 to go, everything can happen ;) Aronian go for a win !!!


I was just thinking that Kramnik said to himself .. "If only I could do what my 12 year old self would play to attack the king"... Then I thought or "If only I could play like Kingscrusher sometimes .... " :)

Haha, one of my favourite games of the year so far - I video annotated it here guys:

I did a video last night on it as preparation but the dog was barking half way through so I had to redo it all this morning!

Hope you enjoy it!

Cheers, K

So poorly playing Aronian is doubtful, whether the match was agreed. It is always doubtful when Kramnik defeats a player from Russia or the former USSR.

I was lucky enough to catch this live on chessbomb yesterday ... absolutely incredible to see that a novelty (at this highest level) on move 7 of the Berlin defence is still possible! Apparently there are only 4 games on the major database with 7 ...Rg8, all played by players between 2150 and 2500.
Thanks KC for this vid, and also for your infective enthusiasm for chess! And congratulations on your own game from 2 years ago ... maybe this should be christened the KC variation (KC for Kingcrusher and also for Kramnik Crucifies!) :)

@vvg_vvg very good point, indeed it is doubtful... such a good tactician like Aronian to first do almost nothing about g5, g4 ideas after Rg8, leaving his Queen, Knight and Rook far away from the King... and as Svidler pointed out Aronian blocked c3 field with the pawn whereas it was best square for his knight if he wanted to put a fight... weird game, just weird...

@stockmodo_007 If you look at the score of Kramnik against Aronian, you'll see, that most of the time Kramnik won, and don't forget he is 273 strongest player in the world, and the former world champion, who won Kasparov and Topalov. And when Magnus was on the Candidates Tournament 2013 Kramnik was his strongest opponent, they both ended with 7.5 points, but Magnus went for the match with Anand, because he had more victories with black.

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