Any (Leela) bot playing from a position?

Hello kind people,

I like to read chess books by playing the diagrams with a sparring partner first.

So, I'm looking for bots that play from a position. I'm especially interested in Leela bots ( because they play more human-like.

I tried challenging a couple of them but they decline.
they are picky?
I think lichess should make them official engines alternatives to stockfish, or a two engine types analysis tool. as a beta feature maybe. i am dreaming. for position and opening exploration as well, all manners of training. start making their positional evaluation differences part of the scenery, to slowly get to a non-strictly material based view of what the best next move might be. Even perhaps letting them influence puzzle selection algorithms, if that's how puzzles get selected from players' games.

When would such machine learning based engine be deemed ripe for introduction in training tools? When they become exactly agreeing with classical engines on every position or games? perhaps they will always make tactical mistakes, yet possibly always find games where they can be victorious over classical engines, then what? which is best? ELO, what margin, for how long?.
sorry if i am hijacking your thread op. I think that some consideration beyond bot status should be approached. at some point.

I don't know how they pick their opponents. Maybe they have a default option for declining games that start from a position.
maybe in the forum of all the leelas, buried somewhere there are guidelines as to what type of games they are willing to play.

i don't even know if the human behind the bot has a say in that. Perhaps some vanilla engine (or a funny one, there are some around) could be used to test the limits of the bot account features (being transparent about its testing nature is important, because learning is sacred, i just decreed).

What is automatic behavior, what are lichess constraint, and what is the play room for the human behind bot (the human in the machine, could also be an AI psychological chat-bot behind the chess bot... kidding, or am I? canned question of mine, don't answer).

Or people of the bots, could you share your experience here as to what kind of Asimov laws your bot accounts are subject to?

Because, you might be giving the bot-people a bad name if you keep being anti-social with your bots behavior.

Any hint? please tell us why. Did you teach your bot to be rating climbing machines? for example? where are the funny easygoing bots? the chess loving bots. i am only kidding in format.
Why dont you install leela into your own computer?

Thank you for your suggestion. That's what I did today.

In my opinion, there are two drawbacks of running locally:

1. There are too many weights files. It's hard to choose one with the correct config.
2. I like to play on my phone. There are a few apps that runs lc0 on Android but I don't like them (stability problems, ugly UI etc.).

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