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  3. Antichess Deathmatch? monkaS

Me versus a 1200 :)

Honestly, though, 3, 8, and 9 look great.

Alright, once everything is settled on times and such, private message me, then I know all the details. Thanks!

The players I think should be in an anti deathmatch *The ones we can probably get to play, so not including Ngb, or Flo, or Joddle, or Dragon-Lord!)

Arimakat, Mayoss1, Playitsmart, Fins, Townes, Bookerd

These are the players I think should be in a deathmatch.

Why not us? A few want to see it and it'll give me a chance to prove I can still play Antichess (Other than doing well in the AWC or the next shield) Besides, you avoid my challenges :( You aren't going to be able to with this :)

Sure we aren't considered the best of the best but we both have great wins against great opponents. If we are playing good, we can beat anyone. People that have played us and seen us play know this I think.

I was honestly thinking it had no chance, but maybe it does now. Come on Fishy, make this happen

Maybe. idk

I mean why can't something like (an) "elite" deathmatch(es) and then another set of deathmatches, say (a) "professional" deathmatch(es)? Maybe with say, Pepsi, Link, and other people who are decent but not able to maintain 2300 over 3 months whilst playing consistently (idk exactly). Maybe that would give everyone a shot?

I think the deathmatch should be between me and pepsi, we are the ones who've probably streamed most antichess. :D

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