Analyse own games with Analysis board/opening explorer?


Is there a possibility to study my own games with the "opening explorer" in the analysis board?

Right now I can play move for move and have statistics (win percentage etc.) from "Masters" games or from Lichess games.
But I want to play move for move and only show my own games, to see where I blunder and where I have to improve in openings.

Is there a possibility to do so?

Thanks and bye!

+1 for this: a third category for "My games" alongside "Lichess" and "Masters" would be great

actually there is something like that but you can only see win rate with the openings that you played. it is chess insights you can reach it from your profile. i used it few times if you look maybe you can find useful thing for you.

@perfectionhasnostyle yes there is that, but the main difference with the opening explorer is the opening is matched with a board position, so it's more intuitive for players (like me) who don't know what an opening name actually looks like on the board.

Thanks for the answers

and thanks for the tip, perfectionhasnostyle. Those "chess insights" are indeed helpful, but only to a certain point.
Like mCoombes314 i am having trouble recognizing openings by name and imagining them on the board. And it only gives information about what opening players did well or badly, not exactly when and with what move. But it's something :)

Still a "My games" category would be awesome (@lichess :D )

easy peasey lemon squezzzzzzzzzzeeee

i really want an option like that but no, there isn't for now. i don't know how complicated that would be to do that change. the games in the database are commun for all so i doubt that take too much space (still a lot) but that's not directly linked to lichess and is probably on a specific separated server.
having the games of everyone in personal databases would probably involve heavy interaction with lichess active servers and would need to be updated often...

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