What is this? Is deepmind planning on having AlphaZero play on lichess? Probably not, but one can hope.

Definately troll.
There was Houdini 7 troll in last month and the account was closed. I hope your account still active for another 7 days.
Good Luck.

There’s not a lot of upside to AlphaZero chess playing against SF10 and Leela in something like TCEC. At worst it’ll be a little weaker than those two, at best it’ll be a little better. Definitely not the “OMG!!!” moment the marketing folks are looking for.

I really hope this is real. Would love to see A0 back to contest the latest and greatest AIs.

Dude, I wont be excited with Alpha Zero as Leela in 2019 is much better than Alpha Zero in 2017 ( proven results in Leela discord and Leela forum).

I am just curious whether you are the same guy who was banned for Houdini 7 troll.