A quite strange fact

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Stop public shaming anyone! Whether he comes first or last, it shouldn't be your cup of tea. Maybe it just wasn't his day. He is much better at ultrabullet than you, so you have got quite a lot to learn from him. He just lost a single game on time (because it was ultrabullet), and then he paused the tournament. Even you must have encountered situations like this. It isn't right to disrespect someone publicly in the forum. Do apologize to @akirafastestman

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We don't need to know the fact. It won't benefit us in any way whatsoever.

Ehm, did he even play any games? He and a bunch of others ended up last on 0 and had no observed played games.

Maybe he was the only guy who played any games

На русском говорит тут кто?

Its not good to abuse somebody like that @DeadlyKillerInstinct
Many good players can come in last. Besides, he just played 1 single game and lost it because of zerk
you could also come last in tournament and if somebody abuses you like this how would you feel?
He is also better than you at Ultrabullet so instead of abusing him you should compliment him (he has also been Ultrabullet #1 player on lichess at one point).
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