A question (ACPL)!

Hello everybody!

I have just begun to analyse my games more carefully, and i have a question concerning the "average centipawn loss"-number. Have i got it right that if the number is under 100, for instance, it means that you have losed less than one pawn (or the value of it) per move? Or what does it exactly mean?

Thank you for your answers!

If the number is under 100, you have made on average (not counting positions where one side is up more than 1000 centipawns or where there is a forced mate) less than one (1) full pawn's worth worse move than Stockfish would have made, according to Stockfish itself.

Ok, not quite what i thought but close : ). So under 100 acpl is something i can be satisfied with, at least for the moment!

Thank you for your answer @asdf5656 !

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