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  3. 8 year old homeless refugee wins his age group in NY State Champioship

Great story!

Just goes to show, you just never know... Judgement of a person is like playing cards, in that you should watch each card and play it slow...

Very true @wolfs-sleeve.
Great quote.

Just shows that judging people can come to the 360° turn.

A very inspiring story about overcoming adversity.

Okay, there are enough virtue signalers in this thread that to gag a maggot. I have decided to take the counter argument. The gloves are now off.

So much is wrong about this story. I find it to be extremely racist and comes off as pandering for anti-American identity politics victim mentality purposes. What's racist about it you may ask? There are 50 states in this union. Let's say chess has been "popularized" since 1972 for simplicity purposes. That is 47 years. 47 times 50 states = 2,350 annual state championships.

For argument's sake, surely not every state has a state championship every year in the 8 and younger age bracket. Let's say there are 800 people alive that were state champions at the age of 8 in America today. This is one of the most popular chess sites on the planet, and a popular forum filling to the brim with chess players of all ages. I challenge the entire site to name just THREE chess players who were state champions at the age of 8. I want links to articles as proof. I will bow down and concede defeat if this entire site can come up with a link to just 3 other 8-year-old chess champions published in online articles from notable sources or in newspapers or on TV news programs recorded on youtube or similar in the past 50 years.

It won't be done, and it can't be done because this is nothing but identity politics. Had that boy been named "Tommy" or "Takahiro", and not "Tani" and he came from a White or Asian working-class family you all know for a fact we would not have seen his name at all or have a clue who he is.

I have seen photos of this boy Tani, and I am not completely convinced that he is only 8 years old or younger. I would say he looks to be about 10 to 13 years old in my book judging by how many permanent teeth are in his toothy smile. Is there is documentation that proves he was in the correct age bracket and was not sandbagging.? I really want to know!

His opponent's play was not very impressive either. That being said in Tani's defense I analyzed the game, and I feel Tani did play a good game of chess. Props to him for that victory.

There is currently a gofundme for money for Tani because he won this chess match. The gofundme has over $189,000 dollars in it, and growing and it just started like 5 days ago.

It's other people's money they can spend it how they please, but let me ask you this. You think any of them spent a dime towards paying any of the 1500 or so chess grandmasters in the world because they are "good at chess"? Probably not or very little.

Read an article about a year back about 20+ Grandmasters that all played chess for charity together, and only raised a paltry in comparison $20,000.

White guilt is a hell of a drug. Don't buy into the propaganda.

Chess is identity politics do NOT belong together. I'm gonna shoot someone if I see BLM protesting "White privelege" at white getting the first move I swear!

You can be right.

But lurarose, Orange Man Bad!

Nothing else computes.

Does anyone has a link to chess fide profile of the state champion? Just curious what rating does he have.

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